Company advantage

Create greater value for customers

1. Our company is equipped with professional vehicle exterior designer and frame structure designer. The design is more forward-looking, beautiful and humanized, making the appearance of the vehicle novel and eye-catching. The equipment inside the vehicle is at your fingertips, and the car can be used reasonably and effectively. space.

2. Design and construction in strict accordance with national regulations. Under the premise of ensuring safe and reliable use of vehicles, it is more convenient and humanized and rich in technology.

3. All the modified materials of our company are made of environmentally-friendly degradable materials. All the lines are exclusively customized with tin-plated copper engineering grade GB cables, which are safer, more energy-saving and reliable.


After-sales service - integrity, unity,enterprising

Our company is equipped with the industry's top electrical engineer and technical team. Mr. Wang Bo, chief electrical engineer, served as the chief engineer of Northwest Medical Electric.

Designed and rebuilt many professional-grade ambulances in China. The designed circuit system is safe and reliable, very humanized, and has applied for a number of national patents.